Matt Beurois
Paris Art and Movie Awards
American Club of Paris
Matt is an actual member of the American Club of Paris.
Matt is the founder and actual general manage rof the International Film Festival Paris Art and Movie Awards.
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Matt Beurois is a multi-award winning director and scriptwriter with a background in Modern Letter in French High School, and a degree in Advertisement Communication and Marketing.

He directed 25 films, lately wrote 5 features, several TV series, and his last screenplay got awarded in the UK, June 2016.

He also produced and directed several music videos through the years, in Paris and London.

He also is the founder of the Paris Art and Movie Awards, the only international festival in Paris intended for indie filmmakers and producers.

His last movie to date as director : 'Man of the Past' has been selected by 35 festivals worldwide, winning many awards in Los Angeles, USA, Paris, Croatia and India, including Best International Film Award in Hollywood, and screened in Cannes Film Festival in may 2014.